On 03/21/2018 07:07 PM, Charles Lepple wrote:
On Mar 20, 2018, at 6:06 PM, David Melik wrote:
Ok, around 24hrs ago I retested, but the (same) output is still on the screen without it going into background to release tty/sh...
My mistake - I misinterpreted the log you posted. Without the "-D" flag, the 
driver should go into the background in a matter of seconds, usually.

Can you run the driver under strace, and see where it gets stuck?

Or did you only run it with the "-D" flag? In that case, if you are getting "Connection refused" 
from "upsc", you might need to start "upsd" by hand.

Of course I did (-D) so (without,) works now.  I assume if I just go through the setup instructions on the NUT website, that'll make the server automatically load this driver on boot.  I did that before, even with some differences between default and Slackware's unofficial versions, even when having to note/change a few different things.  That was with USB UPSes, so maybe it'll be different with this serial port one... forgot most the details, but it's not that hard after setting up a few USB ones.

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