thank you for your hints but I didn' give you the following information:

I modified the file crawl-urlfilter.txt in this mode:
#start crawl-urlfilter
# skip file:, ftp:, & mailto: urls

# skip image and other suffixes we can't yet parse

# skip URLs containing certain characters as probable queries, etc.

# accept anything else
#end crawl-urlfilter

I started nutch with this line_command :
bin/nutch crawl urls -dir /home/paul/nutch-searcher.dir -depth 3 >& crawl.log

In the file "urls" there is the url of the following page:


<TITLE>  TitleOfSite </TITLE>

<FRAMESET ROWS="14%, *">


<FRAME NAME="PAGE"  SRC="../welcome.html" SCROLLING=AUTO">



Nutch crawls and fetchs "welcome.html"  but doesn't work with MyServlet?menu=1
The servlet "MyServlet?menu=1"  shows some links but in the log  nutch doesn't 
fetch  any of those links.
I hope the question is clear and am looking forward to receiving your answer.


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