We're sorry if you received two emails from us.  We weren't sure which address 
to use.

Thank you for the link to http://lucene.apache.org/nutch/bot.html and for the 
information it provided.  We automatically receive emails from our IIS server 
when anyone accesses a page requiring a password.  We try to learn as much as 
we can about the visitor.  

Naturally, we want search engine robots and crawlers to visit our site, but 
they produce unwanted emails when they arrive at pages that request a password. 
 We plan to use the Robots Exclusion Protocol method you suggest that allows 
website administrators to indicate to visiting robots which parts of their site 
should not be visited by the robot. Thank you.

Do we correctly understand that Nutch Robot is a project of personnel/students 
at the University of Washington (http://www.cs.washington.edu/) Department of 
Computer Science and Engineering?

Your department may be interested in our computer applications which can be 
reviewed at www.healthcarelink.md.  Be sure to click on Biosymtec Technology. 
Late in 2003 Healthcarelink developed Biosymtec technology which can detect a 
respiratory or non-respiratory infection up to two days before monitored 
individuals complain of symptoms, providing early warning and permitting early 
medical intervention.


During 2004 the underlying technology was tested by monitoring fifty healthcare 
workers at a major hospital in Tianjin, China, from right here in Lancaster, 
Pennsylvania.  China is the very part of the world most concerned about 
respiratory infections.  The technology was also tested at five health clinics 
in Hong Kong.  Out of 7,500 data-days, we detected respiratory infections in 
four individuals before they reported symptoms.  We were right every time and 
missed none.

Please pass this email on to the Research Department of UW Medicine.

John L. Beiswenger
950 Strasburg Pike
Strasburg, PA 17579
Technology Center:
    1500 St. Paul Avenue
    Gurnee, IL 60031

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