Have you enabled the msword parse plugin in nutch-site.xml . You will have
to enable that plugin for msword parsing to work.


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I am trying use Nutch to look up at specify URLs like this are:




(So I use "-depth 1" option for running crawl.)

Some sites are HTML pages, but some return files.

After running the crawl I found at the log file this record:

060719 160036 fetch okay, but can't parse
http://server.domain/appname/get?id=36&view=content, reason:
failed(2,203): Content-Type not text/html: application/msword

It looks like crawl infers Content-Type from URL and than compares it
with received Content-Type.

Is possible to use received Content-Type without checking Content-Type
implied from URL?

How can I resolve this problem?

Tank you for reply.

Milan Skuhra

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