On 2010-04-26 17:19, Mattmann, Chris A (388J) wrote:
> Hi Grant,
> Thanks. I think it actually makes sense to finish off 1.1, and since there is 
> overlap with the Nutch PMC and the Lucene PMC and since the thread started in 
> Lucene before the TLP, I think it would be great e.g., if Andrzej, and Sami 
> could check the release and that way we still have the continuity and can 
> safely push it out as the last Nutch rel under the Lucene umbrella...
> Then all releases post 1.1 can cleanly be done under the auspices of the new 
> PMC :)

I know that Dennis Kubes just discovered a bug in SegmentMerger (he may
report on it in a moment) - this bug has been there for a while, it's
likely the cause of the mysterious "out of disk space" errors, and it
manifests itself only with input files larger than HDFS block size
(64MB). Since 1.1 is likely the final release of Nutch 1.x I think it
would make sense to fix this bug before we release ...

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