Hi guys any pointer on following.
Your help will highly appreciated .


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Subject: Two Nutch parallel crawl with two conf folder.


I want to do two Nutch parallel crawl with two conf folder.

I am using crawl command to do this. I have two separate conf folders, all 
files from conf are same except crawl-urlfilter.txt . In  this file we have 
different filters(domain filters).

 e.g . 1 st conf have -

       2nd conf have -

I am starting two crawl with above configuration and on separate console.(one 
followed by other)

I am using following crawl commands  -

      bin/nutch --nutch_conf_dir=/home/conf1 crawl urls -dir test1 -depth 1

      bin/nutch --nutch_conf_dir=/home/conf2 crawl urls -dir test2 -depth 1

[Note: We have modified nutch.sh for '--nutch_conf_dir']

urls file have following entries-


Expected Result:

     CrawlDB test1 should contains abc.com's  data and CrawlDB test2 should 
contains xyz.com's data.

Actual Results:

  url filter of first run  is overridden by url filter of second run.

  So Both CrawlDB have xyz.com's data.

Please provide pointer regarding this.

Thanks in advance.


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