Unfortunately Tika currently has the same issue of not inserting spaces between menu list items, which gives you these types of concatenated results.

It's a trivial patch, I just need a few minutes of spare time :(

-- Ken

On Apr 18, 2010, at 10:31pm, Alexander Aristov wrote:


I would suggest you to try the tika parser if you are not using it now. It might give you better parsed HTML. Next - if you want exclude some parts of
text from HTML than you must re-write html parser and adopt it to your

To reduce relevancy of your page - you may play with boost values which are are configured in the nutch-site.xml. But they will apply to every crowled page and so if you want to apply it to only one(serveral) page then you
might want to look at this patch.


Best Regards
Alexander Aristov

On 15 April 2010 21:09, tsmori <tim_m...@ncsu.edu> wrote:

I have an old page on my site that Nutch is fetching. The results in the
Nutch web app look like this:

Site Map
... INSECT SYSTEMATIC RESOURCES Home : Site Map   search Resources by
Scientific Name ... Common Name Select

Site Map Also see the Taxonomic ...

The big block of text there are the option values in a drop down menu. What's weird is that this page has 2 drop down menus, but Nutch only grabs
one of them and does this kind of thing. It's an ancient page and
unfortunately each option value is actually a URL, which I'm guessing is
Nutch is indexing the values, but it's odd that it only does it for one
and not the other.

Another problem is that in the web app, this wall of text doesn't wrap so
completely messes up any formatting to our custom search application.

Lastly, this page is the first hit in the list of results for a search on the term "map" entirely due to the page being called "sitemap". I could probably fix this easy by just calling it something else, but I would like
to know the best way to handle something like this in Nutch.

First, how do I get nutch to stop pulling all the menu option values into
the results list. Second, how do I reduce the relevancy of this page
changing the page itself?
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