Alternate question... thanks to everyone who has tried to help me through
the hadoop/AIX issues with 1.0, but I'm going to need to shelf that for
just a second while I work on some stuff with 0.9 again.

I need to support one site that has 3 translations: English, French, and
Spanish.  The language is specified on each page by tags like the
<meta name="language" content="ES"/>

I would like to have one index but yet restrict my search results based
upon the "lang=" parameter sent to search.jsp.  Is there a way to query
language specific results only from the index?

And, a bonus question (sorry to put it in the same thread):
Is there a way to access database information from the Nutch bean?  I'd
like to be able to display (for healthcheck reasons) the total number of
documents in the index.

Thanks again!

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