Hey Andrzej,

> Actually, we don't have a build target (yet) that produces a binary-only
> distribution that we can ship and which you can run out of the box (not
> counting the build/nutch.job alone, because it needs the Hadoop
> infrastructure to run).

I thought ant tar did this? That's what it sez on the release guide [1] and
what I'm familiar with when I did the Nutch 0.9 release.

> The current mixed (source+binary) distribution worked well enough so
> far, but the size of the distribution is becoming a concern, hence the
> idea to ship only the source. We may have been too hasty with that,
> though... What do others think?

Good question, Andrzej. I'll wait for feedback from others. My pref is for
source-only, but I might be in the minority. :)


[1] http://wiki.apache.org/nutch/Release_HOWTO

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