On 2010-05-06 22:39, JohnRodey wrote:
> I'm running the Distributed Search's IndexServer.  I'm trying to figure out a
> way to improve the index search to basically work for wildcards.
> Index-> name:Bobby
> Ex. query for "name:Bob" will return nothing
> Ex. query for "name:Bob*" will be converted to same as above and return
> nothing.

Nutch syntax query doesn't support wildcards. This will be changed soon
in Nutch trunk, where we will delegate query parsing to a particular
type of search backend (e.g. Solr).

> Looks like the Lucene Query object does provide this, however nutch's
> distributed search does not.

Neither local Nutch nor distributed support this - it's a (purposeful)
limitation of the Nutch query syntax.

> Is there any solution (that hopefully doesn't require major refactoring)
> that could provide this functionality?

Use Nutch for crawling and indexing to Solr, and then use Solr directly
for searching.

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