On Sunday, 4 February 2018 14:15:38 UTC, doug livesey  wrote:
> I'm really sorry, I can never remember anybody's name.
> There was a chap at the last NWRUG who was telling a bunch of us about how 
> his workplace had recently shifted to auto-deploying anything committed to 
> master.
> It was a system organised with kubernetes, and there was CI and tests running 
> on the live stack and everything.
> Anyway, it was really interesting and I thought it might make a cool talk.
> I wasn't going to try to nominate anybody else until I could suggest an idea 
> for a talk I'd do, too, but I'm coming up with nothing for me so far!
> Anyway, seeing as I can never remember anyone's name, the gentleman in 
> question can always plead ignorance if he reads this and doesn't feel 
> inclined to sharing it with the group. :)

Whilst we don't use Kubernetes, we are using a fairly unusual deployment 
approach at Createk for our client which is inspired by Kanban and giving 
control back to the Product Owner. We have built some of our own tools (open 
source of course) which support our approach and I was going to give a talk at 
some point when the tools were in a more ready state.

However, I would be happy enough to give a talk based on what we have now, plus 
where we are planning to go with our CI and Deployment Pipeline. It sounds like 
many of you have some interesting and diverse perspectives and experiences on 
the matter, so if I left some "hooks" in the structure of the talk to allow 
everyone to contribute ideas I think we could end up with a really interesting 

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