On Fri, 13 Apr 2018, at 17:07, Lee Hambley wrote:
> the market café has turned over 2k in 35 transactions
> having been open for 50~ days, so I think that price is extortionate (and,
> anyway, he can't afford it)

I'm sorry to hear it hasn't worked out for him Lee, but have you put yourself 
in the accountant's shoes? It'll take them a certain amount of time to make 
sure everything's done right, produce some paperwork, send it out to get 
signed, get it back in again, submit it to company's house, etc (I'm guessing 
the process here, but whatever it really is, it's going to take somebody a few 
hours, and they need to be able to pay their salary, that of any supporting 
staff, office rent, etc).

The amount of work they have to do isn't a direct function of the amount of 
money your brother has made. If he'd handled 35 transactions for £5k each, 
would you think £250 was a bargain? I suspect the accountant would have a 
similar amount of work to do.

Personally I'd just do whatever I had to to find £250 (he's clearly an 
enterprising guy), pay it, and chalk it down to experience.

I don't remember what percentage of my accountant's annual fee goes to cover 
the corporation tax and annual return, but £250 sounds fine to me. Maybe 
somebody on here will actually know what their accountant charges for their 
annual return, which would be a useful data point.


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