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we currently have the following requirement with one of our clients. let me
know if you have suitable resources. send in the resumes to

*Location: Columbus, OH*

*Duration: 6+ Months*

*Mode Of interview: In person Required*

Requirement Description:

Security Consultant to help IT Augment the security staff until OIT can
take over all Security related needs for the agency.

This position will function as a highly skilled Security Consultant with
specific responsibilities that include:

1.            Monitor network and information system activity.

2.            Respond to alerts (analyze, interpret, investigate, resolve)
based on monitoring activity, for security (malware, malicious actor), and
other purposes (malicious activity, misuse, etc.)Uses creativity and
innovation to automate and streamline processes and procedures.

3.            Understands customer support, likes to work with people and
can ensure that the customer is satisfied.

4.            Manage, update, modify alerts, adjust/fine tune event
correlation rules, etc. (e.g. filter false positives, increase
accuracy/relevance/effectiveness), create new rules based on threat
changes/evolving risk, etc.

5.            Understanding of basic Networking principles, including
network troubleshooting for connectivity issues, DHCP, DNS, use of tools

6.            Perform specialized security functions (e.g. forensics for
incident response).

7.            Perform event correlation, analysis of malicious activity
indicators, and appropriate response, based on review and access to
multiple security tools and services.

8.            Provide routine security and general support (tickets, ad-hoc
requests, etc.) to all DPS departments/users, IT groups/resources, external
(other state agencies, public), etc.

9.            SPECIAL NOTE:  We are running a 24/7 operation.  Consultant
may need to come in during incident or emergency situations.

Mandatory Requirements/Time

1.            CISSP Required.

2.            10 Total years IT experience.

3.            8 Years IT security experience.

4.            8 Years customer service experience.

5.            2 Years SIEM experience (Q-Radar preferred).

6.            4 Years’ experience with Web and Email Filtering and Security
(IronPort preferred).

7.            5 Years’ experience with Web Application Firewall/Database
Activity Monitoring (Imperva preferred).

8.            3 Years of endpoint protection experience (McAfee preferred).

9.            1 year of vulnerability scanning experience (Qualys

10.          1 year of application security scanning experience (AppScan

11.          3 years IPS (IBM preferred).

12.          Proven contributor to continuous process improvements to
increase the efficiency of section.

13.          8 Years troubleshooting experience.

14.          Excellent communication skills both written and oral.

15.          8 Years’ experience with Active Directory.

16.          8 Years knowledge of Networking to including PING, NETSTAT,

Thanks and Regards

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