I birded Doodletown Road yesterday from approximately 8:30 to 1:30.  It was
a delightful day and the birds did not disappoint.  My highlights included
10 warblers: Canada (2), Cerulean (4), Blue-winged, Hooded, Redstarts,
Magnolias, Yellow, Black-throated Blue, and the best look I've ever had at
a Tennessee, down low, bathing in a little stream.  I also encountered the
elusive (for me) Bay-breasted, which was a delight.  Conversations with
other birders revealed there were Kentucky, Worm-eating, Cape May, and
Black and white warblers, as well.  A Yellow-throated Vireo, Scarlet
Tanager and a bunch of Baltimore Orioles rounded out the scoring.  What a
wonderful hobby we have!

Happy Birding
Martin Carney


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