I was on the New York Botanical Garden bird walk yesterday, lead by Debbie
Becker.  We were near the south corner of the Twin Lakes, next to the
parking lot, where a big bus was parked.  We were getting great looks at
Purple Finch and a group of Pine Siskins when a high-pitched voice near the
back of the bus yelled:  "Connecticut!  Connecticut!"  I raced to the back
of the bus area only to find a young girl excitedly sharing with her mom:
"Look Mom, the bus' license plate is from Connecticut!"  Slightly
disappointed, but consoled by the hilarity (and an Orange-crowned Warbler
later in the day!), a fellow birder and I remarked on how important context
is.  All in all, a great day.  Happy birding.

Martin Carney
Bronx, NY


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