I have video of the Franklin's and a Laughing Gull mating from a few days back. 
I posted it on the New York Birders Facebook page. Seems like the bird may be 
paired up...

Isaac Grant
Senior Loan Officer

> On May 28, 2015, at 11:54 AM, syschiff <icte...@optonline.net> wrote:
> Joe Giunta, Sam Jannazzo, Bill and I (Sy Schiff) found the FRANKLIN'S GULL, 
> looking east from Plumb Beach, on the sandy beach across Gerritsen Inlet. It 
> was mixed in with about 15 Laughing Gulls about 4-500 yards away.  At that 
> distance it was a very difficult call to ID the target bird. However, one 
> gull picked itself up and landed on top of a Laughing Gull slowly flapping 
> its wings as appeared to mate. The wing pattern as seen through the scopes 
> was perfect. The gull also showed a pale pink blush on the breast. . I could 
> not find any quick reference to this paring, but maybe it's something new and 
> we'll have the visitor stay for the summer.
> We checked the marsh for sparrows without success, but did have a fly over 
> Sy
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