I had the opportunity to swing down to the shore after work. A large hatch out 
of ants provided a feast for about a hundred Laughing Gulls at Jones Beach 
Field 6. The median at the West End featured some nice activity. Ruby-crowned 
Kinglets and Red-breasted Nuthatches were foraging in the pines, and there were 
phoebes and pewees flycatching from the branches. Warblers included several 
Redstarts, a Parula, a Yellow-rump, a bright Pine, and a handsome male Cape May 
who put on quite a show. There were other birds flitting about but the fading 
light put an end to the outing too soon. Multiple Merlins, a Peregrine, and 
some very vocal Black-crowned Night-Herons were also observed. 

-Tim H

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