Jones Beach saw a decent push of Yellow-rumps early this morning but things got 
quiet in a hurry. About 50 species observed but nothing out of the ordinary. 
The highlight was the first American Tree Sparrow of the season, perched on the 
coast guard fence. A Magnolia Warbler, a western Palm, and a Parula were 
feeding among the Rumps, kinglets, and sparrows on the lawn behind the 
hedgerow. I stopped at JFK Sanctuary and Oceanside MNSA hoping to locate some 
marshy sparrows but found one. JFK featured a large roosting congregation of 
Black-crowned Night-Herons and a Green-winged Teal flock containing a 
Blue-winged drake. Oceanside hosts a few lingering Greater Yellowlegs and a 
Semipalmated Sandpiper. I was pleasantly surprised to see an Eastern 
Meadowlark, pursued by a mockingbird, touch down in the marsh. 

-Tim H

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