Central Park, Manhattan, N.Y. City
Wednesday, 12 October, 2016 -

A BLUE Grosbeak (of brownish coloration) was found by Joe Giunta's  
morning NYC Audubon (NYCAS) chapter bird-walk group, at the wildflower  
meadow in the park's north end, and subsequently seen by various other  
observers intermittently thru the day, with late sightings in the last  
hour of the day; most of the time rather skulking in the eastern end  
of the fenced-in meadow, which is very roughly near about 104th  
Street, & west of the park's East Drive.  A very good variety of other  
migrants was found by the birding groups led by the above, & Gabriel  
Willow & others with NYCAS, as well as for the AMNH (American Museum  
of Natural History), in various parts of the park today.  Thanks to  
all and in regards to helping to put word out, to David Barrett of  
Manhattan, who also was on-scene for the blue grosbeak.

"All ethics so far evolved rest upon a single premise: that the  
individual is a member of a community of interdependent parts. ~

The land ethic simply enlarges the boundaries of the community to  
include soils, waters, plants, and animals, or collectively: the land. ~

A land ethic changes the role of Homo sapiens from conqueror of the  
land-community to plain member and citizen of it.   It implies respect  
for his-her fellow-members, and also respect for the community as such."

- Aldo Leopold (1887–1948), U.S. wildlife biologist, conservationist,  
professor, author, best known for his book "A Sand County  
Almanac" (1949), which has sold more than two million copies.

- - - -
good birding,
Tom Fiore

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