Radar showed some migrants crossing the Sound last night. Robert Moses
Field 2 saw a respectable flight at first light, with good numbers but
nothing too out of the ordinary. A lone Rusty Blackbird, a handful of
Purple Finches, and a Blue-headed Vireo were the highlights. Yellow-rumps
were omnipresent, joined by Palm and Blackpoll Warblers. The drive down the
Ocean Parkway was fairly birdy, with a Royal Tern crossing north over the
road.and some egrets and herons in the marsh. Jones Beach was ruled by the
raptors this morning, with multiple Cooper's and Sharp-shinned Hawks,
Merlins, and Peregrine Falcons. One Merlin that made a kill at the
turnaround was pursued by a stooping Peregrine: quite the spectacle!
Songbirds kept a low profile when these predators were on the hunt, but as
the day went on they became more conspicuous. A few more Purple Finches,
both kinglets, nuthatches, and phoebes were very cooperative. I spotted a
Pectoral Sandpiper in flight that landed on the lawn at the outer
turnaround, but it was quickly flushed by a passing car and headed off to
the west. A few Hermit Thrushes were seen, and a male Black-throated Blue,
a Pine, and a Yellowthroat joined the day's warbler tally.

-Tim H


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