I birded Jones Beach this morning with Bob Veltri and Jeff Ritter, hoping to 
see some migrating sparrows.  Bob’s intuition to pick Jones was a good one, and 
was confirmed by the moderate levels of reflectivity on radar dispersing over 
mid long island this morning.  

While initially things were slow, presumably due to a combination of cold and 
numerous raptors (including merlins, sharp-shinned and Coopers hawks, peregrine 
falcon, and northern harrier), the activity picked up later in the morning.  
Amongst all the yellow rumps and golden-crowned kinglets, we were able to find 
11 species of sparrow including lark, clay-colored, white-crowned, field, 
savannah, chipping, swamp, song, white-throated, junco and towee.   I had to 
leave early and missed the lark (originally found by Ken Feustel).  Jeff had 
located the clay-colored for our group at the far west turnaround, and I 
returned in the late afternoon, to see if I could absorb this subtly beautiful 
bird.  It was still there at sunset, if you’d like to try tomorrow.  Here is a 
link to a video:


Happy fall birding, 


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