Joe Giunta and I (Sy Schiff) picked a lovely day to bird. The birds for the 
most part kept to the shrubbery with few venturing out onto the paths.. Perhaps 
the presence of some accipiters kept everything under cover. A few EASTERN 
PHOEBES and RUBY-CROWNED KINGLETS accompanied the usual suspects. By far the 
best bird was a late BLUE-HEADED VIREO in the trees in the area of tall grass.

    There were more sparrows and some warblers in the Community Gardens. Here 
for a change, we looked down on SONG, SWAMP. WHITE-THROATED and a WHITE-CROWNED 
SPARROW. Warblers were YELLOW PALM. YELLOW-RUMPED and a cooperative BLACKPOLL 
WARBLER. that posed for pictures. A bright male RING-NECKED PHEASANT made a 
brief appearance.


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