The LITTLE GULL originally found by George Chiu
yesterday at Dorchester Park was near the rusty bridge
in the channel at Upper Lisle County Park this afternoon.
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The bird was with several BONAPARTE'S GULLS. I spotted
it by the white primary feathers near the back of the bird.
The bird showed dark underwings while preening and of
course when taking off. Also apparent was the gray from
the mantle to the nape.

for more photos. These aren't that good
since the bird was more distant and on the water.

The bird flushed with the entire flock of BOGUs and headed
back down the channel to the upper end of the reservoir.
With north winds again tonight, the bird may stick around.
The biggest problem is access. Upper lisle is severely flooded
and you can't get a vantage point to see down the channel.
Also if the bird flies back down to Dorchester, your best bet
is trying from Kiebal road since Dorchester Park is closed
and they won't allow anyone even to walk down into the park.

Anyway, a great new bird for Broome County and another excellent
find by George Chiu!

Dave Nicosia


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