2017 Great South Channel trips -  One in July and one in August


1.      July 16-18, 2017 (depart Montauk at 6:00 PM on Sunday 7/16/17 and
return 4:00 AM on Tuesday 7/18/17)
2.      August 13-15, 2017 (depart Montauk at 6:30 PM on Sunday 8/13/17;
arrive and depart Oak Bluffs, Martha's Vineyard around 1:00AM on 8/14;
arrive in whale grounds at sunrise 8/14  and return to Montauk 10:30 PM on
Tuesday 8/15/17)  


Same price as last year. Reservations are required and can be made as of at


The Coastal Research and Education Society of Long Island is a non-profit
research and education organization.  Our mission is:  "To promote and
foster understanding and stewardship of coastal ecosystems through research
and education."  Part of our work is to observe and document the whale and
sea bird populations of NY and New England and to take people to see these
animals in the wild.  Since 2002 we have been offering incredible and
successful multi-day offshore pelagic bird and whale observation trips.


Our trips have been 100% successful and we have encountered thousands of
pelagic birds over the years.  We've also encountered fin, minke, sei, and
right whales; common, white-sided, dolphins, pilot whales.

We have now had 1100 humpback encounters in our trips to the Great South
Channel, Stellwagen Bank, and locally. With the assistance of the Gulf of
Maine Humpback group, the Center for Coastal Studies, Allied Whale, and the
FlukeMatcher groups on Flickr and Facebook we have, photo-identified 420
different whales during these trips.


We at CRESLI hope that you will join us on our trips.  Remember that members
do get discounted fares. Go to
http://www.cresli.org/cresli/GSC_offshore.html  for info and reservation
links. Reservations can be made at




*         Cetaceans: Humpback, Fin, Minke, Right; Sei, and Pilot whales;
Common, Bottlenose, Atlantic White Sided and Risso's Dolphins; Leatherback,
Green and Loggerhead Turtles; Basking, Great White, Hammerhead, and Blue
Sharks; Ocean Sunfish; Portuguese Man-of-War; and other marine life. 


*         Birds: Cory's, Greater, Sooty, Manx, and Audubon's Shearwaters;
Wilson's and Leach's Storm-Petrels; Northern Fulmar; Northern Gannet;
Red-necked and Red Phalaropes; Pomarine, and Parasitic Jaegers; Greater
Black-backed, Herring, and Bonaparte's Gulls. 





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3) http://birding.aba.org/maillist/NY01

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