*  New York*  Syracuse   
   - June 12, 2017
*  NYSY  06. 12.17 Hotline: Syracuse Rare bird AlertDates(s):June 05, 2017 - 
June 12, 2017to report by e-mail: brinjoseph AT yahoo.comcovering upstate NY 
counties: Cayuga, Montezuma National Wildlife Refugeand Montezuma Wetlands 
Complex (MWC) (just outside Cayuga County),Onondaga, Oswego, Lewis, Jefferson, 
Oneida, Herkimer,  Madison & Cortlandcompiled: June 12  AT 2 p.m. 
(EDT)compiler: Joseph BrinOnondaga Audubon Homepage: www.onondagaaudubon.org  
Greetings: This is the Syracuse Rare Bird Alert for the week of June 05, 2017.

Montezuma National Wildlife Complex (MNWC) and Montezuma Wetlands Complex 
     Only 6 species of Shorebirds were reported from the complex this week 
highlighted by the 2 WHIMBRELS found on 6/10 at Benning Marsh along the 
Wildlife Trail.     6/7: A late staying BUFFLEHEAD was seen along the Wildlife 
Drive.     6/8: A BLACK-CROWNED NIGHT-HERON was seen on the Wildlife Drive.     
 6/9: A rare for our area LITTLE BLUE HERON was seen on Carncross Road. it was 
seen again on the 10th. and 11th. A LEAST BITTERN and an ORCHARD ORIOLE were 
reported from Howland Island.     6/11: A LEAST BITTERN was found at the 
Visitor’s Center.     6/12: A PROTHONOTARY WARBLER continues in the forested 
area on Armitage Road just west of the one lane bridge. An ACADIAN FLYCATCHER 
continues on Carncross Road. 

Cayuga County------------
     6/7: A RED-HEADED WOODPECKER was again seen on the bluff camping area at 
Fair Haven State Park. An adult and juvenile RED-HEADED WOODPECKER were 
reported coming to a feeder at a home near the State Park.

Onondaga County------------
     6/7: An ORCHARD ORIOLE was seen along the Erie Canal Trail.     6/9: An 
ACADIAN FLYCATCHER continues at Whiskey Hollow west of Baldwinsville.     6/11: 
A LEAST BITTERN continues in the marsh south of Potter Road at the Three Rivers 
WMA north of Baldwinsville.

Oswego County------------     6/6: Two SWAINSON’S THRUSHES were heard at Otto 
Mills Road north of Redfield.  Two were heard again and one was seen at the 
same location the next day. A REDHEADED WOODPECKER was seen at Sandy Island 
State Park on Lake Ontario.  An adult FRANKLIN’S GULL was found on the north 
side of Rt. 49 in West Monroe. It was found again briefly the nest day but not 
seen since. A GRASSHOPPER SPARROW was seen in Hastings on Co. Rt. 84 at the 
Carley’s Mills Cemetery. An ACADIAN FLYCATCHER was found at Noyes Sanctuary in 
the Town of Scriba.

Madison County------------
     6/8: A first summer male ORCHARD ORIOLE was seen from Ditchbank Road north 
of Chittenango.

Oneida County------------
     6/6: A late YELLOW-BELLIED FLYCATCHER was seen at Spring Farm Nature 
Sanctuary south of Clinton.     6/8: An upland sandpiper was seen at the 
Deerfield Grasslands south of Poland.

Herkimer county------------
     6/6: A COMMON NIGHTHAWK was seen on Barnes Road in the Town of Stratford.

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---Joseph BrinRegion 5 Baldwinsville, NY  13027  USA

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