Central Park NYC - Ramble
Sunday, July 2, 2017 
OBS: Robert DeCandido, PhD, Deborah Allen, and many others

Additions to the Season's Breeding Bird List:

Cedar Waxwing:  On Saturday we noticed a nest in a London Plane at the north 
end of the Maintenance Field, but didn't see any activity. Early this morning 
Bob and I arrived to find a Cedar Waxwing perched nearby. The bird flew to the 
nest and fed young inside. We took everyone back to the nest later in the 
morning and could see the yellow belly of one of the waxwings as it perched at 
one side of the nest. The bird flew off, but David Barrett spotted the pair on 
the ground nearby. We could see that the bird that had been perched at the nest 
had very worn tail feathers, so much so that its tail lacks a yellow tip.

Song Sparrow: We often find a Song Sparrow singing near the Ramble side of Bow 
Bridge, sometimes on the island. This morning we saw the male, who was carrying 
two insects in his beak, disappear into a dense shrubby patch. After emerging 
without his prize, he sang a bit in the open below eye-level.

Great Crested Flycatcher: No sign of a nest yet, but this morning the pair 
frequently called back and forth and often perched close together in the area 
of the Tupelo Field.  Here's one of the pair chasing the other at around 7:45am:



Other Notable Birds: 

Tree Swallow - one southbound flyover at the Maintenance Field early this 
Magnolia Warbler - an adult male continues at Warbler Rock.

Deb Allen


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