Surprised BC Chickadee isn't   on this list. Fish Crow too.......Fish Crows
seem to be everywhere this season in western Nassau with young. Bobby
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> Central Park NYC - Ramble Breeding Bird Survey & other sightings
> Saturday, July 1, 2017 starting at 5:30AM
> OBS: Robert DeCandido, PhD, Deborah Allen & volunteers
> Since 1996 fifty-six (56) species of birds have been reported nesting in
> Central Park or on buildings immediately adjacent to the park. This year,
> according to protocols used by the most recent NY State Atlas, we have been
> able to confirm twenty-two (22) species breeding. A species is confirmed
> breeding if there is a nest with eggs (NE), occupied nest of a
> cavity-nesting bird (ON), nest with young (NY), a fledgling (FL), a
> fledgling or juvenile fed by an adult (FY) an adult carrying food for young
> (CF), or an adult carrying a fecal sac (FS). Birds occupying a territory
> that are probably nesting are not included in our total. In most years we
> have been able to confirm thirty or more species breeding.
> Bob & I usually come in early and record any evidence of breeding that we
> find. This morning we invited some other early-risers,. a.k.a. insomniacs,
> to help us starting at 5:30am. We will continue to look for breeding birds
> on early mornings in July when many fledglings will be out of the nest in
> the care of their parents.
> Results to date:
> Canada Goose - 4 juveniles with adults Lake today (day-old goslings seen
> earlier in season)
> Mallard - 10 juveniles with hen Turtle Pond today (day-old ducklings seen
> earlier in season)
> Mourning Dove - recently fledged young (earlier in season)
> Red-tailed Hawk - 5th Ave. nest with young (earlier in season) juveniles
> around now
> Downy Woodpecker - male feeding fledgling Gill Overlook (earlier in season)
> Northern Flicker - occupied nest Gill Overlook (earlier in season) adults
> & juveniles around
> Peregrine Falcon - nest with 3 young fledged (earlier in season)
> Eastern Kingbird - young in nest Turtle Pond today (Diane Del Vecchio)
> Blue Jay - adult feeding juvenile, 2 nests earlier in the season (near
> King of Poland & Warbler Rock)
> Barn Swallow - adults feeding juveniles Turtle Pond today (young visible
> in nest at Reservoir on Friday)
> Tufted Titmouse - begging juvenile chasing adult today at Maintenance Field
> White-breasted Nuthatch - 2 adults with 2 fledglings earlier in season
> (Azalea Pond & Summer House)
> American Robin - several nests
> Gray Catbird - fledglings, adults carrying food (earlier in season)
> Northern Mockingbird - nest attended by pair of adults near North Meadow
> Ballfields (Friday)
> European Starling - juveniles fed by adults (earlier in season)
> House Sparrow - adults feeding juveniles (earlier in season)
> House Finch - adults feeding young in birches and mulberry Turtle Pond
> (earlier in season)
> Northern Cardinal - female on nest (Linda Yuen) and female feeding
> fledgling today
> Red-winged Blackbird - fledgling at Meer (one week ago)
> Common Grackle - adults feeding juveniles (earlier in season)
> Baltimore Oriole - several occupied nests, adults feeding nestlings
> (earlier in season) adults with juveniles in tow around now
> Other birds seen today: Chimney Swift, Herring Gull, Double-crested
> Cormorant, Great Egret, Black-crowned Night-Heron, Red-bellied woodpecker
> (no nest yet), Great Crested Flycatcher (pair not nesting yet but, female
> with worn tail feathers), Warbling Vireo (some already fledged), Northern
> Rough-winged Swallow (2), Carolina Wren, Cedar Waxwing (pair + 1 - still
> early in the season for these late nesters).
> So far we have yet to confirm Green Heron, Eastern Wood-Peewee, Wood
> Thrush, Brown Thrasher, or Eastern Towhee breeding for the Summer of 2017.
> Deb Allen
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