A transitional male RUFF was spotted by Dave Nutter last night along the 
Wildlife Drive of Montezuma NWR in Seneca County, just at dusk. Searches 
throughout the morning today were unsuccessful, but the bird was finally 
refound at the difficult-to-access Kipp Island Fields section of the refuge 
this afternoon.

You can search the eBird hotspot tool for Kipp Island Fields, which is about 
the only place you will find it mapped. It is an area adjacent to, and just 
south of Interstate 90 (the Thruway), just west of where State Rt 90 crosses 
I-90. This is east of the main refuge. There is a parking area outside the 
elbow of a 90-degree bend that SR90 makes to parallel the interstate for a bit. 
I looked unsuccessfully from the parking area today, and I am not sure how 
people are accessing the bird right now, but is currently being viewed. Bad 
views, I am told. But bad looks at such a cool bird are probably worth the 



Kevin J. McGowan
Ithaca, NY 14850


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