Today, my first task was to keep a dental appointment in Jamesport. My 2nd
scheduled stop was at the Riverhead Library, to return 4 books I had
finished, and extend a 5th, that was due today. While enroute to the
library, as I was passing Michael's Liquor Store, I remembered we were low
on "whites", so I stopped and shopped ! Returning to the car with my bottle
bargains, I heard the distinct croak of a C.Raven coming from behind the
houses and trees on the other side of E.Main St. The bird(s) called 4
times, with each croak sounding like *Corvus cryptoleucus* and not that of
a young of either species of crow. Although I didn't see the bird(s), I
feel confidant with the call. This is the first of this species for me in
Riverhead...I guess I should check all of the town's water towers ! And of
course, the moral of this story is "a bottle of wine in the hand, is worth
two on the vine" !



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