For New York State I've pulled the Top 20 hotspots and noted the percentage
of species needing photos on the Illustrated Checklists (IC). The IC cannot
combine hotspots as we can with Bar Charts. Images with a 'best quality'
rating in the Macaulay Library get posted. You can view 'All Months' or
each individual month for photos for that period.

To rate photos you can click on the camera icon with the # of photos to the
far right of each species. If you're viewing 'Species w/ photos' I'd
recommend right clicking on the icon and opening in a new tab to preserve
the 'Species w/ photos' view in the original tab. Otherwise you'll need to
choose 'Species w/ photos' again and find your place in the list when you
press the back button.

The list below shows:
- the hotspot name with a link to the IC
- total species seen
- # of species *needing* photos
- % of species *with* photos on the IC

*New York State: Top 20 Hotspots*
* The list is sorted by % of species with photos.

*Central Park:* <>
Total species: 259
Species needing photos: 76
Percent with photos: 70.7%

*Prospect Park: <>*
Total species: 290
Species needing photos: 86
Percent with photos: 70.3%

*Myers Point: <>*
Total species: 261
Species needing photos: 85
Percent with photos: 67.4%

*Stewart Park: <>*
Total species: 265
Species needing photos: 99
Percent with photos: 62.6%

*Montezuma NWR--Wildlife Drive:
Total species: 260
Species needing photos: 100
Percent with photos: 61.5%

*Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge:
Total species: 306
Species needing photos: 142
Percent with photos: 53.6%

*Floyd Bennett Field:
Total species: 271
Species needing photos: 127
Percent with photos: 53.1%

*Jones Beach SP--West End:
Total species: 306
Species needing photos: 145
Percent with photos: 52.6%

*Jones Beach SP--Coast Guard Station:
Total species: 276
Species needing photos: 157
Percent with photos: 43.1%

*Hamlin Beach SP: <>*
Total species: 272
Species needing photos: 187
Percent with photos: 31.3%

*Marshlands Conservancy:
Total species: 263
Species needing photos: 186
Percent with photos: 29.3%

*Derby Hill Hawk Watch--North Lookout:
Total species: 284
Species needing photos: 208
Percent with photos: 26.8%

*Dreier-Offerman Park:
Total species: 256
Species needing photos: 188
Percent with photos: 26.6%

*Jones Beach SP: <>*
Total species: 310
Species needing photos: 228
Percent with photos: 26.5%

*Montezuma NWR (general area):
Total species: 261
Species needing photos: 196
Percent with photos: 24.9%

*Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge--West Pond:
Total species: 288
Species needing photos: 221
Percent with photos: 23.3%

*Hamlin Beach SP--Parking Lot No. 4 (Primary Lakewatch site):*
Total species: 278
Species needing photos: 220
Percent with photos: 20.9%

*Robert Moses SP:* <>
Total species: 297
Species needing photos: 237
Percent with photos: 20.2%

*Montauk Point SP:
Total species: 263
Species needing photos: 249
Percent with photos: 5.3%

*Fishers Island: <>*
Total species: 259
Species needing photos: 258
Percent with photos: 0.4%

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Manhattan, NYC
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