I’m left wondering what it means to “delete” Mandarin Duck from a list of birds 
reported to eBird. I understand that Mandarin Duck is not established in viable 
wild populations anywhere in New York State and consequently is not included in 
the official list of such species maintained by the New York State Avian 
Records Committee. But this species has become naturalized in several places 
far from its ancestral range, and it might do so here, at some future time. If 
this were ever to become a point of discussion, New York birders would be 
interested in tracing where and when the establishment occurred, and the eBird 
dataset, focused as it is on the frequency and abundance of bird detections, 
would be a natural place to search for evidence. 

I would think that reports of species such as Mandarin Duck, Egyptian Goose—and 
nowadays, Northern Bobwhite—are worth tracking in eBird, even if they can’t be 
regarded as legitimately wild, because future researchers might have good 
reasons to want to know where and when people formerly encountered them. One 
could argue that even invalidated records are potentially available for future 
review, but this isn’t really true, if only because the public invisibility of 
“deleted species” would inevitably inhibit normal reporting.

Shai Mitra
Bay Shore
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When working on the NYS eBird Hotspots wiki I'll compare the previous bar chart 
list of species with the current one picking up any additions or deletions. By 
going to each county's 'Overview' page you can determine the date the species 
was added by county. Some are from newly submitted checklists from many months 
/ years ago.

It isn't possible to spot these additions from old checklists. On the 
'Overview' page you can sort on 'First Seen' but if the species wasn't added 
recently it won't appear at the top of the list.

For each county on the NYS eBird Hotspots site click the 'Overview' link on the 
'Explore a Location' line:
— http://ebirding-nys.wikispaces.com/Birding+in+New+York

Red represents species removed from the New York State list bringing the NYS 
total to 479 species.

Nassau County:<http://ebirding-nys.wikispaces.com/Nassau>
Mandarin Duck (Removed)

Ben Cacace
Manhattan, NYC
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