Links have been added to the NYS eBird Hotspots webpages for Illustrated
Checklists and access to the Macaulay Library for All images and All audio.
All images & audio includes "unconfirmed" items so you don't need to wait
for the moderator to approve these species.

Links were added to all 62 counties. These links can be added to the NYS
page and all the hotspot pages but I'll wait for any feedback before
expanding the scope.

For Illustrated Checklists you can change the view from All species to:
- Species w/ photos
- Species w/ audio
- Species needing photos
- Species needing audio

On the Macaulay Library links you can change the filters by selecting "More
Filters" and you can view any individual species by typing into the "Enter
species name" box.

See image for new links on the facebook group "New York Birders".

Ben Cacace
Manhattan, NYC
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