Most of the shorebirds that were on the pond over the weekend have pulled out. 
Only 7 species observed this AM in very low numbers.

White-rumped Sandpiper (1), Short-billed Dowitcher (10), Spotted Sandpiper (2), 
Greater Yellowlegs (3), Lesser Yellowlegs (7),  Semipalmated Sandpiper (50), 
Least Sandpiper (13) and American Oystercatcher (24) - included one banded bird.

Non shorebird notables include, Adult Bald Eagle (with a green band), Green 
Winged Teal (2) and Wood Duck (2)

The water level is back up, no doubt as a result of the rain. However, I 
suspect that there might be some back flow taking place during high tide. I am 
going to put in a call to NPS - I am sure they will be thrilled to hear from me.

Regarding the south end of the pond: I have started on opening up the trail 
around the area on the far side. While the trail is wider, please continue to 
exercise caution when walking there and avoid getting too close to the edge.

Good East Pond Birding!

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