Joe Giunta and I (Sy Schiff) went to Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge to access the 
conditions in advance of several walks Joe is leading this weekend.  The East 
Pond water level is HIGH, HIGH, HIGH.  So high that the North end is 
inaccessible without very high boots and there is no edge. The entire north end 
of the pond is covered by a thick mat of algae, something I have never seen 

  The South end has a sparse area of flat which held some shorebirds, but 
access was too close and they flushed when we came out of the reeds. The fence 
is clearly  a "spite" fence as it appears to have no purpose other to obstruct 
passage  It's a pain, but you can walk around it. To finish, there were 
shorebirds in the raunt area but too far off to view. 

 There is no way one can bring a group to view shorebirds. I believe the walks 
will be cancelled.  From my experience over the years, the "Shorebird Festival 
in a few weeks may not be a sure thing. I doubt the place can be put in shape 
in the short time till then.  We'll see.

But we did ID a few, namely: Semipalmated Plover, Greater and Lesser 
Yellowlegs, Semipalmated and Least Sandpiper. There was a flyby Glossy Ibis and 
 a white Little Blue and Great Blue Heron. A Willow Flycatcher was near the 


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