For the past few days I’ve been birding the area from Rodman’s Neck to Orchard 
Beach, only walking on asphalt paths. The grass is pretty high all around so 
anyone visiting should be wary of ticks. Both deer and dog ticks are here.
(Parking is $8 on weekdays and $10 on weekends at the beach. It’s best to park 
at Rodman’s Neck and bird your way over to the beach.)

There are large flocks of mixed swallows, including Barn, Tree, Northern 
Rough-winged and Cliff over Rodman’s Neck and at Orchard Beach. Lots of Chimney 
Swifts flying too. There are both egrets, GB Herons, Mallards, Cormorants and 
Yellow Warblers, Goldfinch, Carolina Wren around too.

At the beach are Forester’s Terns, some feeding their young across the lagoon. 
There are several Osprey and lots of gulls lounging in the parking lot.There 
were about 50 Great Black-backed among the Laughing, Herring and Ring-billed.

There was a flock of approximately 70 Semi-palmated Plover flying around the 

Interestingly both Semipalmated and Least Sandpipers are still forging in the 
puddles formed from the last rain. There was a Lesser Yellowlegs foraging in 
there too. I am still trying to figure out what these birds are eating from 
puddles that form overnight on asphalt.

If it rains overnight, the birds are foraging the next morning. So what is it 
that hatches out so quickly on previously dry asphalt?

(Photos available)

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