As a follow-up to Shai's post, it's worthy to note my findings from
yesterday (9-19-17) while car birding the south shore between
5:30-6:45 covering these locations respectively: RMSP (Fields 2 and
5), Captree SP (all lots) and JBWE lots. I tallied a total of 25
LBBG's at these locations, though none were found at Captree. 12 birds
were found at Moses and 13 were at JBWE. As the breakdown in
compliance to age specifics, these are the results:

HY (3)
SY (2)
TY (7)
4Y (5)
Adults (8)

7 of the adults were at Jones Beach. Even in fading dull light
conditions, these birds were as immaculate as I've ever seen for this
species, all appearing to be in high breeding plumage to the max. Very

Of herring, GBBG and RBGulls: numbers added up to about 300 total.
Roughly 40% GBBG, 35% Herring and 25% RB Gull. Only 4 or 5 Laughing
Gulls were in any of these lots, but a good number of them were seen
moving east while heading north on the Meadowbrook Pkwy just past the
tolls along with about 15 Forster's Terns.

Other interesting sightings were 12 Killdeer hunkered down near the
entrance booth at JBWE and most interestingly, a Red-throated Loon was
struggling against the wind flying east on the bayside at Cedar Beach
as seen from Ocean Pkwy, giving the impression of it being almost
suspended in flight.

Bobby Berlingeri
Elmont, NY


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