After a late start yesterday (like this post - sorry !) my "gut" opted for
doing Smith Point Co. Pk., Mastic first, followed by a ride down Dune Rd.
from the Post La. Bridge, Quogue, to Shinnicock Inlet, Hampton Bays. I, of
course, was hoping for some windblown vagrants, which had decided to linger
awhile !

SPCP's ocean and picnic areas were almost birdless, but it's huge parking
lot, with its history of producing good birds, was not to be denied ! All
our 4 common gulls were in attendance, along with 3 Lesser Black-backed
Gulls, and a Iceland/Kumlien's Gull !

The LBBGs consisted of 1 juvenile, 1 adult non-breeding and another adult
in full breeding plumage.

The Iceland/Kumlien's Gull is, I believe, closest to a 3rd winter bird, and
proved to be the highlight of the day !

The trip along Dune Rd. did not provide anything memorable...oh well, I
can't get too greedy now !



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