It was a much, much warmer morning than I thought it would be in the preserve 
this morning. I wore long pants and a long sleeve Henley and by the time 11AM 
rolled around, I was a disgusting gobbet of sweat.
Despite these conditions, there were still a lot more migrants than I thought 
would be there, including some birds that I don’t normally see in numbers until 

The only real highlight was an early Lincoln’s Sparrow. I’ll have to check my 
records to see if I’ve ever had one here before October.

White-throated Sparrows are in, (about 6) and also Eastern Phoebe (also, about 
6). Lot’s of Northern Flickers (near 35). 2 Swamp Sparrows and an out-of-place 
Chipping Sparrow by the pond suggested some kind of early sparrow movement.
Warblers were as follows:
Northern Parula-5
Black-throated Blue-7
Black-throated Green-3
Blackburnian-4 (all together)
Common Yellowthroat-1
American Redstart-2

Other migrants included Yellow-billed Cuckoo, Great-Crested Flycatcher, 
Ruby-crowned Kinglet, Red-eyed Vireo, White-eyed Vireo, Scarlet Tanager (3), 
Rose-breasted Grosbeak (5).
Only one hawk, a Sharp-shinned, terrorizing the flickers around the pond.

I have not seen a single Northern Waterthrush since the fall migration began. 
Any comments on this?

PS: If you’re thinking of birding the preserve tomorrow (24th), it’s Village 
Day. It might be OK at 8AM but it will soon descend into a cacophony of  
screaming children and parents running around everywhere......



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