>From Richard Payne's Ebird checklist...

Roughly starling-sized flycatcher with gray back, head, and breast (with
slightly darker ear patch); diagnostic black, square-tipped tail with white
outer tail feathers running the length of the tail. Short bill. Very little
yellow in belly compared to other Westerns I've seen, yellow more visible
in flight than at rest. Actively flycatching. Was only seen on the east
side of the model airplane road, the airplanes were buzzing around but that
did not seem to bother the bird. First seen at the intersection at
40°36'06.1"N 73°53'21.3"W ; Last seen around 40°36'13.8"N 73°53'18.5"W and
was moving between those two spots and disappearing into the trees to the

Good luck if you go!

Sean Sime
Brooklyn, NY


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