Central Park, NYC 
Sunday, October 1, 2017
OBS: Robert DeCandido, PhD, Deborah Allen, m.ob.

Highlights: 3 Species of Wood Warblers including Tennessee & 4 or 5 Cape May 
Warblers. The feeders at Evodia Field have been filled, but not many birds 
visiting them yet. No dawn flight observed from Belvedere Castle with Bob & Deb 
watching until around 7:10am, just a few Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers and Northern 
Flickers flying at low altitude in the area of Shakespeare, Delacorte Theater, 
and Turtle Pond.

Gadwall - 2 Turtle Pond (Deb & Bob 6:30am)
Mallard - 14 Turtle Pond
Chimney Swift - 20+ in flight together over Shakespeare Garden (Judy Belluardo)
Herring Gull - flyovers
Sharp-shinned Hawk - carrying another bird, a.k.a. breakfast, over Turtle Pond, 
landing on south side 7:02am (Bob)
Red-tailed Hawk - 2 adults circling over Shakespeare Garden (Mark Siegeltuch)
Red-bellied Woodpecker - west side of Great Lawn (Barbara Green)
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker - 10 (Pinetum and Shakespeare Garden the best spots 
Downy Woodpecker - Shakespeare Garden
Northern Flicker - 7
Eastern Phoebe - 7 (Tupelo Field, Maintenance Field, Pinetum, etc.)
Blue-headed Vireo - 4 (Shakespeare Garden, Pinetum (Sandra Critelli), west side 
Great Lawn, Azalea Pond)
Red-eyed Vireo - 5
Blue Jay - several locations, 6 flying together over Tupelo Field
American Crow - flyover
Black-capped Chickadee - 2 Shakespeare Garden (Barbara Green)
White-breasted Nuthatch - uphill from the Boathouse
House Wren - 5
Winter Wren - 3 (2 Azalea Pond, 1 Tupelo Field)
Golden-crowned Kinglet - 12 (Pinetum and Shakespeare Garden the best spots 
Ruby-crowned Kinglet - 15
Swainson's Thrush - Azalea Pond
Hermit Thrush - Azalea Pond (Sandra Critelli)
Wood Thrush - west of Balancing Rock & south Evodia Field (Randall Rothenberg)
American Robin - many locations
Gray Catbird - feeding on berries in many locations
Brown Thrasher - 4
Cedar Waxwing - heard
European Starling - around 20 in flight at Turtle Pond just before 
Sharp-shinned Hawk flew past with breakfast
House Finch - Maintenance Field
Eastern Towhee - male west side Great Lawn
Field Sparrow - west side Great Lawn (Deb)
Song Sparrow -  Maintenance Field
White-throated Sparrow
Common Grackle - not many, but some looking for acorns
Black-and-white Warbler - 5
Tennessee Warbler - Maintenance Field
Common Yellowthroat - 3 (Maintenance Field (Signe Hammer), Tupelo Field, 
Iphigene's Walk)
American Redstart - 10
Cape May Warbler - 4 or 5
Northern Parula - 8 (Jane Kosovsky & others)
Magnolia Warbler - 3 (Pinetum (Matt Hall), King of Poland, Maintenance Field)
Chestnut-sided Warbler - Maintenance Field (Teresa Michna & Sandra Critelli)
Black-throated Blue Warbler - 3 (female Shakespeare Garden, female Azalea Pond 
(Elizabeth Millard), male Maint. Fld.)
Palm Warbler - "Yellow" Tupelo Field
Pine Warbler - King of Poland
Yellow-rumped Warbler - King of Poland (Barbara Green)
Black-throated Green Warbler - 2 (female King of Poland, 
Northern Cardinal - pair sitting on freshly-filled feeder at Evodia Field
Rose-breasted Grosbeak - 2 (Balancing Rock & the Point)

Another Good Day for Hooded Warblers: Bradley Kane showed us a photo 
he'd taken of a female Hooded Warbler seen twice at Summer House Meadow/Swampy 
Pin Oak (tweeted from @WinoBradNY). Alice Deutsch tweeted a Hooded Warbler 
at Azalea Pond at 11:01am (@AliceDeutsch). Miriam Rakowski reported a 
male Hooded Warbler at Tanner's Spring. Miriam also reported an Ovenbird at 
Balancing Rock/Captain's Bench.

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Deb Allen


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