Sue and I spent a pleasant morning birding the East Pond at Jamaica Bay 
Wildlife Refuge today. Highlights included continuing American Avocet, Caspian 
Tern, and Bald Eagle. Other species of note were American Golden Plover(2), 
Eurasian Wigeon(1) and American Pipit (5).

The presence of the Bald Eagle on the north end of the pond and a Peregrine 
Falcon sitting on the old dock pilings at the Raunt ensured that most 
shorebirds were flybys that did not linger. The two Golden Plovers were at the 
north end of the pond hunkered down near a large piece of wood when the Bald 
Eagle decided to land on the wood causing their abrupt departure. Despite the 
presence of raptors, we recorded nine species of shorebirds, all in very low 
numbers. The Eurasian Wigeon, a rufous morph female, was with a large mixed 
waterfowl contingent north of the Raunt. The pipits were seen feeding on the 
south end of the East Pond on the exposed flat. 


Ken & Sue Feustel

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