Our Big Sit at the Battery Harris Platform in Fort Tilden in Queens
yesterday was surprisingly successful despite the south winds which build
in intensity throughout the day. We ended up totaling 74 species (though
three of them aren't identified to species with a single Buteo, a scaup sp,
and a jaeger sp.), two off our record, in our fourth year of doing this
event. We had eight birders there for the count for at least portions of
the day and quite a few passersby as well, some of whom were treated to
scope or binocular looks at dolphins, Osprey, Great Horned Owls, and other
impressive sights.

Highlights included:

juvenile Red-headed Woodpecker: spent most of the late morning and early
afternoon being seen in the bare trees northeast of the platform.

Great Horned Owl: a surprising bird to find from the platform, we only
found it because it was being harassed by Blue Jays and American Crows.

Eastern Bluebird: heard only relatively early in the morning.

42 Royal Terns: we carefully counted these birds throughout the day and, if
anything, we probably ended up with an undercount.

Parasitic/Long-tailed Jaeger: bird first spotted by Matthieu Benoit, we are
leaning towards Parasitic on the ID (or at least Matthieu is, I have very
little experience with jaegers). Poor photos are embedded in the eBird
checklist and we welcome comments.

Song Sparrow: At the very end of the day we finally got one for species
number 74!

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Good Birding,
Corey Finger


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