Finally, on October 35th, it felt like fall this morning in the Sands Point 
Preserve. It was about 44 degrees at 8AM and their was quite a bit of migratory 
movement. I didn’t see anything outstanding but did pick up some fall birds 
that I had missed up to this point.
There was a big push of Dark-eyed Junco and American Robin, about 125+ juncos 
and 450+ robins. A Field Sparrow and a Fox Sparrow were the best examples of 
sparrows. 3 Winter Wren and a Blue-headed Vireo were also found. About 25 
Golden-crowned Kinglets but only 3 or so Ruby-crowned.
A small Merlin and a small Peregrine Falcon were driving the robins and others 
crazy. Overhead, there were small flocks of true migratory Canada Geese way, 
way up there. Also, I found a flock of 10 Black Ducks heading north very high 
up; not used to seeing them way up there.
A few White-winged Scoters, 3 Red-breasted Mergansers, 1 each of Red-throated  
and Common Loon on LI Sound. Also, 3 or 4 Common Loons migrating overhead.

After, I walked down to Prospect Point (west of the preserve) where I found an 
immature Bald Eagle fairly high up and 8 American Pipits on the beach.

Later, at my mother’s house on Manhasset Bay (Port Washington; Nassau), I found 
a single Forster’s Tern; a little late for the north shore.


Glenn Quinn
Hauppauge, NY

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