I did an early morning Seawatch in Queens covering Riis Park and Breezy
Point. The seabird flight was sparse and not the steady stream of birds
that I would have liked. Nevertheless, it was enjoyable due to the overcast
and cool conditions.

All 3 Scoter species, small flocks of Common Eiders, several hundred
Northern Gannets and Tree Swallows made up the majority of birds on the
move. Smaller numbers included Red-throated Loons, Double-crested
Cormorants, Laughing Gulls and few Red-breasted Mergansers.

The conditions made it easy to pick out Terns over the Ocean and I ended up
with 17 Forster's and 11 Royal Terns.  A few Royal Terns might be moving
between the two sites so I tried to be conservative with my numbers.

A mixed flock of about 110 shorebirds seen from Riis heading west included
1 White-rumped Sandpiper, 15 Purple Sandpipers, 1 Ruddy Turnstone and 27
Dunlins with the rest Sanderlings.

The number of loafing Gulls on the beach was not impressive; one banded
Herring Gull and a 2 CY Lesser Black-backed Gull were my only highlights.



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