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Hi All,

A lot of people have contacted me about the repaving of the Orchard Beach 
Parking Lot. For those who are not aware, these puddles have become a terrific 
attraction for all kinds of birds this year.

As a courtesy, Marianne Anderson, the Pelham Bay Park Administrator telephoned 
me this morning to inform me of the project. The concessionaire, who runs the 
lot during the summer months for the city, has worked out a deal with the city 
for the repaving of the entire lot. It’s costing 2 million dollars. Half will 
be repaved now and if the funds are there, the rest will be done in the spring. 
I don’t think Marianne has any power to halt the project but we can try. From 
what I understand, the money for the repaving is at hand and the work is going 
to continue. It is a deal between the city and the concession for parking. 
There will be new toll booths as well.

I believe the lot is built on landfill and will become uneven again, even with 
repaving. In addition, there is no drainage and the water table is very low 
along the beach, so in time, there will be puddles. Mother Nature will prevail. 

Jack Rothman
cityislandbirds.com <http://cityislandbirds.com/>

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