Four birders enjoyed a good seabird flight at RMSP this morning on a southeast 
wind, featuring a close-in dark morph Northern Fulmar (which I did not get on), 
four adult Black-legged Kittiwakes, three Parasitic Jaegers, twelve Razorbills, 
and the expected loon and sea duck species. Halfway through our watch a heavy 
rain moved in, and the wind shifted west resulting in a decline in seabird 
variety. During our watch hundreds of Bonaparte’s Gulls were observed well 
off-shore, getting off the water in response to harassment from a Parasitic 
Jaeger. Two flyby Royal Terns were also observed.

On a related note, the immature Hudsonian Godwit continues at Heckscher State 
Park Field 7.

Good Birding,

Ken & Sue Feustel, Shai Mitra, Pat Lindsay

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