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Sorry for the late post this email keeps bouncing back- I heard a Virginia Rail 
vocalize during my NYC Audubon VCP bird walk yesterday at about 8:45AM. It gave 
its “grunt” call from the phragmites in the northwest corner of the Van 
Cortlandt Lake. This is the much smaller portion west of the Putnam Trail. I 
tried taping it out in hopes of getting a pic for documentation purposes, but 
no luck. Coincidentally, I ran into Mike Feller just after, who recounted the 
that this specific location is where members of the Bronx County Bird Club, 
like Peterson and Cruikshank, would tromp around banging pots each winter in 
order to add this species to their CBC list. They apparently had success here 
on many counts so fingers crossed Bronx CBCers. Also notable was a late 
Black-throated Green Warbler in the same area. Worth mentioning, but at this 
point  not really notable except that they are still a flagged eBird species, 
were 24 American Pipit on the southwest corner of the Parade Grounds and a 
flyover Horned Lark.

Good Birding,

Nadir Souirgi,
Inwood, Manhattan

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