I'm sad to report the passing of Cal Vornberger, well known bird photographer, 
on November 2, 2017 from complications following triple bypass heart surgery.

Cal was a photographer who discovered birds relatively late in his life, but 
when he did, went all in. Cal produced two wonderful books of bird photographs: 
Birds of Central Park in 2005 and Birds of New York City in 2017. His 
photographs appeared in numerous magazines around the world. As he stated in 
his Introduction to Birds of Central Park, he felt a strong attachment to the 
birds he photographed and wanted his photographs to help more people feel that 
same bond toward some of the smallest and most beautiful of God's creatures. He 
was active in New York City Audubon Society where he led the photography 
workshop for a number of years. He was also an artist supporter and friend of 
Wild Bird Fund. You can still view his photographs on his website 

Although his birding and photography were cut short in recent years when he 
lost sight in one eye following a detached retina, Cal remained a good friend 
to many Central Park birders and especially to those of us who frequent the 
North End. We'll miss him.

 Malcolm Morris



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