Central Park NYC
Monday November 20, 2017 
OBS: Peter LeTourneau 

Correct location for reported Tree Swallow.

This afternoon Robert DeCandido received an email from Peter LeTourneau. The 
correct location of the Tree Swallow was the northeast quadrant of the 
Reservoir, not the Meer. Here's the text:

Subject: very late tree swallow central park 11-20-2017

northeast corner central park reservoir: very fast moving single/individual 
tree swallow foraging along the northeast quadrant. Moving very fast but I got 
lots of tree swallow impressions even though upper surface was brownish (1st 
year). I was surprised to see this lone swallow so late into the cool season.

also all the other usual suspects: PB grebe, ruddys, shovelers, mallards, etc.

I would have posted to the NY ABA list but I could not recall how to do so 
since I haven't posted in a long time

With any luck the Tree Swallow will be re-found tomorrow - DA.


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