Good evening,

This message is for those of you who may be new to the NYSbirds-L eList or who 
may be unaware of eList etiquette, especially for an eList with a substantial 
subscriber base and broad online readership.

NYSbirds-L is comprised of over 1,250 subscribed email addresses, whose email 
addresses receive messages posted to NYSbirds-L. There are countless hundreds 
to thousands of additional persons interested in sightings posted to NYSbirds-L 
who read postings to NYSbirds-L by using other forms of online archives for 
this eList (without being a subscriber).

When you post a message to NYSbirds-L, please make sure your intent is for the 
thousands of people to receive and read your message. If this is not the 
intent, please do not post to the entire eList. Instead, consider directing the 
message only to the person for which the message is intended. Sometimes this 
happens by accident and it can understandably be quite embarrassing – that’s 
okay, it has happened to the best of us.

That being said, if an inappropriate message is posted to the entire eList with 
intent, don’t do it again. You will likely be placed into moderated status, 
often delaying, if not preventing future postings from you.

As to the misunderstanding about eBird. Many birders throughout the World now 
use eBird as a tool to record their bird sightings for both personal use and 
for the greater good of better understanding bird populations and movements; 
whether simply birding in your backyard, visiting your local community birding 
spot, or while visiting a place completely new to you, eBird can be a great way 
to record what you see while also getting the sighting into a database without 
being connected to any one specific birding social media (eList, Facebook, RBA 
texting community, etc.).

As a result of the use of eBird as a data reporting tool, it may seem rather 
exclusive, but it is not! After subscribing to eBird and establishing your 
account, you can set up personalized eBird alerts to be sent to your email 
address with a county-by-county configuration. New sightings that are deemed 
noteworthy or unusual (by eBird) are automatically sent to those configured 
eBird account email addresses. This is how the recent sighting of a Townsend’s 
Solitaire was reported to NYSbirds-L. An individual unable to post their 
sighting to NYSbirds-L had posted their sighting (with pictures) directly into 
eBird. The eBird alert went out to several people and a fellow NYSbirds-L eList 
subscriber took it upon themselves to alert the rest of the NYSbirds-L eList 
community of the rarity. This is how good word is spread.

Please don’t disrespect or lambast people for how the word of a sighting gets 
distributed. Ask yourself this: would you rather hear about a sighting late, or 
not at all? Without everyone stepping in for the greater good, very few of us 
would hear about great sightings such as this Townsend’s Solitaire.

Thanks and good birding to those who have time to get out there!

Chris T-H

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NYSbirds-L, including the eList rules:<>

Chris Tessaglia-Hymes
Listowner, NYSbirds-L
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